What is Dedicated Hosting?

Key Aspects Of Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting is internet hosting that involves a server being used just for one purpose. The most obvious example of this is the hosting of a website. Dedicated hosting differs from shared hosting in that, concerning the latter, many websites can be hosted on one server.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dedicated Hosting:

A major advantage of dedicated hosting is the amount of flexibility that is available to any organisation that chooses this option. For instance, they will be able to choose the type of hardware they want, as well as the specific operating system they require. A website on a dedicated server should also be more reliable than a site hosted on a shared server. It shouldn't crash as often either, and with no other websites on the same server the risk of congestion is markedly reduced.

Because a whole server is being paid for by just one client then this option can be considerably more expensive than the shared hosting option. This is because, with shared hosting, the use of a server is paid for by several to many different clients.

When Dedicated Hosting Becomes A Necessity, And What's Required:

For organisations with websites that attract a massive amount of traffic then dedicated hosting becomes more of a necessity than a choice. Dedicated hosting is also something that will require technical know-how, as the server can be set up to suit the precise requirements of the organisation that selects this hosting option. Service administration can also sometimes be offered by the hosting company as an inclusive part of their hosting package.

Peace Of Mind 24/7:

When an organisation opts for dedicated hosting, then that is what exactly they should expect. If there is an issue with the server, even in the middle of the night, that issue should typically be fixed more quickly than would have been the case with shared hosting. Overall, dedicated hosting should offer a more reliable service compared to that of shared hosting. While the fact that a site on a dedicated server is less likely to crash means that there's less chance of lost sales because of site downtime. Dedicated hosting should mean that a website will be more secure, and an organisation will also have more control regarding how they wish to protect their site.

Points To Remember:

It's important that a site hosted on a dedicated server either has good support from the hosting company, or people with the technical expertise to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Dedicated hosting may not be the right solution for a small site. If you have a website of just a few dozen pages, then dedicated hosting is not really necessary. Shop around. Though dedicated hosting can be expensive there are still good deals available.

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