Top 10 Best Cheap Hosting AU 2020

Website costs can add up, and we can all use a break now and then. Domain hosting does not need to be an expensive part of building your site, and if you know what you're looking for, you can find all the speed, reliability and security you need without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for cheap web hosting, cheap domains or both - try our expert reviews to get started.

 Last Updated December 2020

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Top 10 Best Performing Web Hosting Services

What’s the difference between expensive and cheap web hosting Australia?

Hosting your website is one of the most important decisions you can make when creating an online space. Whether you have a personal blog to build, a portfolio website to create, or are launching an online store, you want your visitors to have a smooth and powerful user experience, and that’s what hosting is all about. There are plenty of cheap hosting sites in Australia which will offer exactly what you need to make a website that your customers or readers will love returning to on any device, you just need to work out what your needs are, and take some time to research thoroughly along the way.

Expensive web hosting is usually not shared, where lots of websites are on one server together, sharing allowances. Rather, they are usually VPS or Dedicated, and belong to large companies or people who need very dynamic features supported from their site like an ecommerce website which supports many groups of customers. If you are starting out building a website, or have expectations of up to around 100,000 visitors max per month, you should be able to find cheaper web hosting which suits your requirements.

Will Cheap web hosting offer everything I need?

Many shared cheap hosting packages in Australia are actually pretty extensive with what they offer. The top cheap hosting companies have scalable solutions meaning that you can increase your capabilities as your website needs grow, and you can be confident that by using market leaders in the business, their hardware and software are always up to date and state of the art. Cloud hosting solutions have come into their own in recent years, making it easier to get super-fast speed and reliability on cheaper shared hosting servers as well.

Don’t be fooled into paying more for a shared hosting solution because the basic plan is not “unlimited”. While this is the buzzword of hosting at the moment, unlimited bandwidth, storage or data transfer doesn’t really mean very much at all. For starters, nearly every company we research has caps on all of the above, and what they really mean is “more than you are likely to need”. If this is the case, then the lower priced package could really be offering the same thing! Do your research, and if your website is not very dynamic, or doesn’t need a large amount of media content, the basic offerings may well be enough for you.

One last thing to remember when looking for the cheapest web hosting, is to check for what additional features need to be bought on top of the hosting package. Do you need to buy web builder tools or a domain name? Is customer support a free phone number or a free live chat? What can seem like cheap web hosting initially can have added costs which rack up in the long run. Try our great reviews and articles to get started with your search.


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