Top 10 Free Website Hosting AU 2019

The success of your website relies on the speed, security and reliability of your website, all of which is the responsibility of your website hosts. Nevertheless, there are many free website hosting packages available in Australia, and many are suitable for both personal and business website needs. Take a look at our comprehensive chart to see what top free features to look out for when choosing a free web hosting provider.

 Last Updated July 2019

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Is there such thing as free website hosting?

Hosting your website is one of those important decisions which often gets neglected because you aren’t buying a physical product. However, even though what you sign up for can’t be seen, it is one of the most important elements to putting together your new site. The storage capabilities, customization opportunities, speed and security are all reliant on your hosts, and it’s not an area to skimp on. Having said that, there is such thing as free website hosting, as well as ways to make sure you don’t waste money along the way to the right website host.

Free website hosting is usually shared website hosting, and in order to host your sites for free, you should understand what shared web hosting is. All the websites on the shared subscription will be hosted on the same servers, or large computers. This means that while it is an extremely cost efficient way of hosting your sites free, or cheaply, you are subject to less reliability and security than on a dedicated server or a VPS, where you do not share the server in the same way.

If you choose the right website to host your free website, you can make sure that the important factors are taken seriously. These include security, customer support and reliability. If these three boxes are ticked for you, then unless you need a really dynamic or resource heavy website, or something specialist or traffic heavy (think millions of monthly views) you will probably be able to find shared hosting which suits your needs.

What if I want a free website Australia hosting that isn’t shared?

One other way to make sure you’re spending your money wisely is to take advantage of money back guarantees or free trials. Some companies will allow you to try out aspects of the hosting first, for example taking the control panel for a test drive to see if you can achieve the control and flexibility you want before you subscribe.

Others have great offers with money back guarantees which range from 30 days to a lifetime money back guarantee if you aren’t sure that you’ve chosen the best free web site hosting you could. In this way, you can try out a website host for a month or more, test your website speed and performance on a variety of devices, and still change your mind if you think you could do better, without losing any money whatsoever.

Other great freebies to look for with website hosting include marketing extras like ad credits for search engines, or free features such as a free domain name or an SSL for selling online.


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