Top 10 Best WordPress Hosting AU 2019

Looking to combine the power of WordPress with super-fast speed, top level security and excellent customization? You're looking for WordPress hosting. Offering state-of-the-art servers, developer tools, as well as WordPress trained experts in everything you need to know, we've compared all the top names in WordPress hosting to help you make the right decision.

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Top 10 Best Performing Web Hosting Services

I want to build a WordPress website. What hosting do I need?

With over 20% of websites on the internet being WordPress sites, it’s no wonder that so many of the big names in website hosting are specializing in WordPress hosting solutions. In basic terms, most hosting providers are capable of running and supporting a WordPress website, and WordPress themselves simply state that the WordPress host has to have PHP version 5.5 or greater and MySQL version 5.5 or greater. Since you would expect any provider you trust to host your website have up to date versions of these anyway, it’s not difficult to run a WordPress site with any of the top website hosts. However, where many of the big names in website hosting simply offer 1-click install to run WordPress with their regular shared hosting solutions, others take things a little further with more targeted WordPress solutions, or even managed WordPress hosting, taking all the hard work off your hands altogether. 

Which features can I expect with the best WordPress hosting?

Our expert reviewers have trawled the length and breadth of the world wide web to find you the absolute best hosting for WordPress, whether you are launching a personal blog or a dynamic ecommerce website or anywhere in between. Some of the best features in WordPress hosting Australia include,

  • WordPress experts. Rather than customer service staff who are broadly knowledgeable about hosting in general, some of the best hosting for WordPress comes with dedicated trained WordPress experts who can give you expert advice, not only on hosting the website, but on how to make it Google friendly, how to drive the right traffic and how to get the most out of additional features and apps. 

  • Developer tools. Want to work on up to 10 websites, utilize a staging area, or include a debug bar or theme checker for SEO and more? Some of the best WordPress hosts have powerful developer extras on their premium WordPress hosting packages. 

  • Security extras. WordPress hosting which is SSL ready, who employ daily backups, and have 24/7 network monitoring and technical expert support? Cloud based clustered solutions, CDN ready with 1-click restore points? These are features worth looking out for. 

Managed WordPress hosting

Look out for managed WordPress hosting solutions, which simply put, take all the back end side of having a website off your busy hands. If you’re happy to pass over control of the technical elements and focus on your content instead, WordPress managed hosts can create a lightning fast and incredibly reliable user experience for your visitors. They can also manage all updates and maintenance, trouble shoot when problems arise so that your website suffers the minimum downtime, and you’re back up and running before you even knew there was a problem to fix. While shared WordPress hosting is a great option for many website needs, if you can afford the extra few dollars to go for a managed solution, it is a hassle-free hosting choice for top results. 


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